Your Path to Beauty and Wellness

Discover SOMA

Welcome to SOMA - the brainchild of a hairstylist and salon owner in the heart of King City, Ontario, Canada. At SOMA, we've revolutionized the way you experience your daily shower, prioritizing your well-being and beauty. Our advanced shower filter offers a multitude of benefits: from achieving hair that's noticeably softer, shinier, and more vibrant, to nurturing smoother, moisturized skin that's free from dryness and irritation. But our commitment doesn't stop at aesthetics; we're equally dedicated to safeguarding your family's health by effectively removing harmful chlorine and heavy metals from your shower water. With SOMA, your daily ritual becomes an oasis of beauty, wellness, and purity. Welcome to a showering experience like no other.

Elevate Your Wellness Now

Integrating a shower filter into your routine is vital for health today. Tap water often contains chlorine and harmful chemicals, which can be absorbed through your skin and inhaled during showers. This can lead to skin irritations, dry hair, and respiratory issues. By using a filter, you not only maintain the natural balance of your skin and hair but also promote overall wellness. It's a simple, yet essential step in ensuring your daily shower supports your health rather than potentially harming it.

Unlock Glowing Skin

A shower filter is your secret to maintaining skin moisture, preventing skin conditions, and supporting their treatment. By effectively removing drying chemicals from your water, our filter ensures your skin stays hydrated, reducing the risk of dryness, eczema, and acne. Embrace the radiant, healthy skin you deserve with our shower filter.

Salon Perfect Hair

Developed by a hairstylist in the Greater Toronto Area, the Soma Shower Filter is a must-have for healthy, vibrant hair. It removes harmful chemicals from your shower water, allowing your natural hair to shine, maintaining salon color, and preventing breakage. Plus, it supports overall health by reducing chemical exposure to your skin. It's a transformative addition to your daily routine, ensuring you can embrace your natural hair and maintain your salon look while prioritizing your hair's well-being.