Our Story


Founder of SOMA, Master Stylist & Founder of Kroma Salon

Hello, I'm the founder of SOMA and I'm passionate about helping people achieve beautiful and healthy hair! With years of experience in the beauty industry, I discovered that one of the biggest obstacles to achieving great hair and skin is the chemicals in our shower water. That's why I created the SOMA Shower Filter, a revolutionary solution that reduces the amount of chemicals in your shower water and simplifies your self-care routine.

Our product is designed to leave your hair and skin with a natural softness and luster that you'll notice from the very first use. I'm confident that you'll love the SOMA experience as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. Plus, when you purchase a SOMA Shower Filter, a portion of your purchase goes to Jack.org, a Canadian charity that trains and empowers young leaders to revolutionize mental health.

I believe that everyone deserves a luxurious shower experience, and with the SOMA Shower Filter, you can achieve just that. Thank you for considering our product, and I can't wait for you to experience the difference for yourself.

Promote Self-Care and Self-Love with the SOMA Shower Filter

Using the SOMA shower filter for your hair and skin is an act of self-care and self-love. By reducing the chemicals and impurities in your shower water, you are taking a step towards promoting the health and beauty of your hair and skin. It's a way of showing yourself kindness and nurturing your body with clean, pure water. Additionally, the simplicity of using the SOMA filter can help to simplify your self-care routine, freeing up time and mental space to focus on other aspects of your well-being. Making this investment in yourself and your health is a powerful way to practice self-care and self-love.