SOMA Adapter for Showerhead


What Is It?

Our SOMA polished-chrome adapter is uniquely designed to fit a wide range of hand held shower-heads and shower types. 

  • Standard G1/2 Connection: 1/2 IPS(G1/2) female to male connected adapter fits with standard G 1/2 straight threaded shower arms & shower heads. (Note: Female Male thread) This angle male to female adapter can increase the angle and add your existing shower head length.
  • Solid Brass Body: Shower Elbow Adapter is Made of brass material and chrome polished finish technology to prevent rust and oxidation. It is a higher corrosion resistance and swivels smoothly than steel or rubber. Daily maintenance-free life.
  • Easy to Install: No plumbers and No wrench required. DIY just a few minutes. Hand screws it on shower arm/shower hose and showerhead. Connect 1/2 inch IPS female thread to the shower arm, Then connect 1/2 inch IPS male thread end of the swivel to the showerhead.
Key Benefits

Pamper Yourself

Showers are often neglected in our beauty routines, and they shouldn't be.

Those creams, treatments and masks you slather on later? They'll only deliver promised results when applied on a fresh canvas: clean hair, balanced scalp and fresh skin.

Getting clean is the first step.

The Cause Behind SOMA

When we set out to create SOMA, we wanted to do so with something bigger in mind, the opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of thousands of Canadians who need it most.