If you have noticed that your skin is dry, your hair feels like hay and you're itching, it's most probably your shower water is to blame.

We don't drink unfiltered water yet 50% of our water exposure comes from taking a shower. Now the purity of water is within reach with Soma The Brand Filtered Shower Head and the benefits are countless. It has a multiple layer filtration that removes all chemicals from the water such as chlorine which reacts with your skin and cause serious problem from constant exposure.

The filtered showerhead by Soma The Brand also lowers the risk of bladder and breast cancer associated with the presence of chlorine in your shower water. This also means that it protects your kids and babies from its harmful effects.

Once you start using it, you can immediately notice your skin improving and becoming well-toned and younger-looking. In addition, you will feel fitter as a result of improved blood flow through the hi-pressure nano nozzles of the Soma The Brand 3-sprays showerhead.