If you’ve been struggling with dry hair, scalp, or skin you’re not alone. Not only is dryness common during the winter months, but there are elements to personal care that often get overlooked year-round. I learned this soon enough when I began having my hair professionally coloured. What my stylist and I found during my visits was that no matter the products I was using in my hair to protect it from styling damage, colour, and my daily life, I was experiencing fading, brassiness, and dry brittle hair. The source of the trouble? Water. Crazy, right? Not me thinking the water in my pipes would protect my hair, my colour, and my skin. Instead, it was a contributing factor to the endless battle for healthy, long-lasting colour, and healthy hydrated skin.
That’s when someone recommended that I pick up a shower filter, but not just any industrial shower filter you pick up at hardware stores, one designed by hair professional Stephanie Karellas. Hello, SOMA. This Vitamin C Infused Shower Filter was made for people like me, and you, who want to solve the issue at the source. No plumber or tools required! It’s as simple as twisting a cap on a water bottle, but the intricate 15 stage filtration inside reduces all those unwanted chemicals, minerals, and additives that effect your hair and skin. 
There’s more; not only has this filter changed my life and the health of my skin and hair, but it’s also changing the lives of others struggling with mental health. SOMA the Brand has pledged to donate a portion of the profit to jack.org, a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to revolutionizing mental health. Talk about a product that’s got it all!
If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what you could do to take your self-care to another level, let this be your sign. Protect your hair, skin, and peace of mind by getting yourself a SOMA Vitamin C Infused Shower Filter. Your hair and skin will thank you!